The Grand Canyon
Posted on 1 Sept 2009

The Grand Canyon was my favorite part of the trip. I liked it because of the beautiful colors, the peace, and most of all, because the Montgomery's were there. Going to the Grand Canyon was the best part of this year. I really enjoyed it, and the sunsets were beautiful.

My favorite part was the hike down to the middle of the Grand Canyon, Down in the middle of the canyon, we saw lots of birds and plants. What was really neat was the red. It was amazing. All the color and the neat animals. There was also a cave in the gorge wall. We didn't get to go in it, but it looked really cool, like a real cave. When we got to the half way mark, we saw the whole grand canyon laid out In front of us. The Colorado river was visible too. I hope I get to go again, because I loved it. I would love to experience this again. It was a sensational experience and I'm glad I got to go. Next time though, I hope we get to go on some of the longer hikes!


Family Picture