Welcome to San Diego
Posted on 1 Sept 2009

Well, weve been in San Diego now since December of 2008. It has been wonderful to be so close to the beach for so long. We have really been blessed with all the things we have gotten to do since weve been here. The flexibility that Homeschooling provides is so nice.

Although I have worked incessantly since Ive been in San Diego Kim and the kids have really had the opportunity to explore around the city. They have also gotten to spend tons of time with our west coast families whom have been typically hard for us to visit with as a family since we moved to Minnesota.

Take a look at a few of the links to the right if youd like to see some the stuff we did this year and thanks for visiting our website. If you want, please feel free to sign our guestbook.

Brian, Kim and the Kids (Michaela, Julianna, Christopher & Benjamin)

Family Picture