What a Busy Year!
Posted on 1 Sept 2009

Wow! What a year.
We have been so blessed as a family, and fortunate to have been able to do all the things that we had the opportunity to do this year. It all started at Christmas last year when we packed up the kids and the cats -- and headed west -- at least in an around about sort of way.

It felt a little like the Beverly Hillbillies, with the Kids, the truck, the loot loaded on top, cramped in like nobodies business. On the way, we even got the added fun of spinning out in Iowa -- luckily no one was hurt, including the Durango.

We even saw a little wild life along the way, including these wild mountain sheep (or maybe they are goats) in Colorado. With all the excitement of the approaching holiday, it was really hard for the kids to be locked up in the car for the whole trip. We made stops all along the way just to see what was there. Here is a family shot shortly after we entered Utah -- after the blizzard that is.

Christmas was spent with Kimís family, and as usual, there was no lack of presents under the tree. This is the first year that Benjamin really understood what was going on. I love to see the expressions on their faces when they finally "get it".

After a few days with family, and a not so short drive from Oregon down to San Diego -- We are finally here -- Sunny San Diego. By the way -- who are those nuts in the ocean in January? They must be from Minnesota!

One of the things that the kids noticed very quickly here is that either the folks in San Diego can't read -- or signs just don't apply to them. I think is probably the latter - but who's to say.

Family Picture

Well, please feel free to check out the rest of the website. Each of the kids has written about their most favorite thing since we have been here. The other pages are filled with pictures and stories from the west coast.